It is all too easy to be impatient, willing the warm weather to arrive, the cheque in the post, the nagging cold to finish….

Sometimes we can do something to alleviate the symptoms of a cold for instance, other times as with the seasons, we have to wait. (Unless we are rich enough to jet off to somewhere with the season we want be that one with heat and sun or possibly snow for skiing!) Interestingly with climate change even jetting off somewhere may not reliably bring the season we want.

I am a strong believer in eating a diet that is mostly local and seasonal and that doing so will give our bodies what they need most.

Healing from wounds/broken bones/pulled or strained muscles also takes time though a careful exercise plan with the right amount of rest can make a difference.

I have been told that homoeopaths have a saying that, “For every year we have had an illness it takes a month to cure it.” Many of the clients I see have had their problems for several years. Like all rules there are exceptions to this one. Sometimes the change when someone has a psychological problem can be dramatic and suddenly the problem isn’t there any more. There has been a change in lifestyle and or attitude that has made a dramatic change.

I see my work as an Aromatherapist and Massage practitioner in Cambridge as that of finding a way to maximise the body and mind’s own resources in order to promote healing. I will use oils that open the mind and increase the chances of that dramatic change but at the same time promote the deep psychological healing that may need to take place at a slower rate.

As well as using nurturing and more vigorous massage techniques to treat different needs I also perform meridian massage with the idea of promoting the flow of energy through the body, especially with conditions such as depression which are typified by blocked emotions and energy.

Perhaps most important is that I am prepared to do that waiting with my clients, allowing them to change at their own rate without being judged.

To book an Aromatherapy Massage either in Central Cambridge or at my home in Trumpington, call 07939273569 or email dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com