Most of my clients weigh more or less than they would like to. For a lot of them, this isn’t a big issue, just something that they would change in an ideal world.

I do get the occasional client at my Cambridge Practice  who is technically anorexic or is clinically obese. Both of these extremes are usually accompanied or driven by complex psychological factors. I don’t address this directly unless the client raises it as an issue.

With obesity, eating is often about comfort and I may use oils that have a comforting effect and if providing a hand cream for use in between sessions will use oils that may help in this regards. I will also use oils that can help with whatever the psychological issues are.

The same is true of anorexia. However in both cases it is important not to assume that I know what is going on. I have had one client who was suffering from terminal cancer which was the reason for her anorexic weight. (A friend had bee with her in the street when someone who didn’t know her told her she should just eat more. Others have genuinely suffered from anorexia nervosa and then I used oils that addressed the feelings of being out of control in so much of their lives.

However, Aromatherapy is not suited as the primary means of managing weight or restoring the body to it’s correct weight whichever way it is out of kilter. What it can do is provide support during the weight gain or loss process and also help in addressing underlying issues when these are present.

If you need that sort of support, then email

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