IMG_0781I have lived in Trumpington and ran part of my practice from here for about fourteen years. Seen many changes over the last three of these with the community being well on it’s way to being over three times the size it was when I arrived.

I have very mixed feelings about this, when we moved none of the development that was to come showed up on the search we had done so when we discovered the scale of what was in the local plan we felt rather shocked. And yet, in many ways the new country parks mean that there is far more for wildlife than there was when the land was farmed.

IMG_0769Last Sunday there was the first meeting held under the Habitorials banner aimed at setting up a local food box scheme to include local cheeses as well as meat and vegetables and a local chocolate maker and ice cream too!



I was able to sell some of my hand cream made hand cream made from beeswax from my own bees kept here in Trumpington at this event and am looking towards having Aromatherapy Massage Taster sessions in one of the bedrooms in the show house at one of the upcoming events there. I await dates eagerly!


Sadly at today’s Mad March Hare walk with Ian and Becky from the wildlife trust, it was too misty and I didn’t have a telephoto lens good enough to get any decent pictures of the hares but this was yet more evidence that the country parks built with section 106 money are an improvement in terms of biodiversity.