List of MPs who voted to crush disabled people in preparation for tax cuts

I hope anyone who voted for any of these will now write to them and tell them, “never again!” I am reblogging because so many people I know personally will be affected by this as well as many more I have never heard of.

This is particularly galling when there have just been tax cuts for the Tories’ rich mates in the oil industry.

Wirral In It Together

IMG_20160312_123525Like a Robin Hood in reverse, stealing from the poor to give to the rich, the path is now clear for Chancellor George Osborne to share the spoils of these heartless attacks by divvying up the ‘stolen money’ between greedy middle class voters in the comfortably-off Tory heartlands.  And in return, these underdeveloped, amoral human beings will put their ‘x’ in the right box.

There were 16 Tory non-voters:

David Cameron and 15 others (names to follow as I locate them…) Jeremy Lefroy, Gary Streeter, Fiona Bruce, David Amess, Pauline Latham, Andrew Murrison, Helen Grant, Ian Liddell-Grainger, Rebecca Pow, Eleanor Laing, Tracey Crouch, Wendy Morton,  

26 Labour MPs did their bit to stick the knife in by not voting for whatever reason (names to follow as I locate them…) Gavin Shuker, Stephen Twigg, Kate Green, Albert Owen, Dawn Butler, Mike Gapes, Lindsay Hoyle**, Bridget Phillipson, Sadiq Khan (Labour candidate for London Mayor)

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