Repeated infections.

IMG_0764I know a few people who have had this problem over the winter,both here in Cambridge and further afield.  Almost as soon as one infection goes they get another cold or chest infection. One of these people has been told by their GP that it is really common this year. Needless to day, this makes it difficult to carry on with doing everything we want to.

I am not going to say that I have a cure for the common cold. If I did, I would probably either be very rich, have won a Nobel Prize or possibly even both! Sadly none of these are true. Yet, it is not unusual for me to go for several years without contracting flu (I don’t get immunised) and many years I manage not to get any colds at all and when I do get them they are usually much more short lived than they are for others.

I know that there is no hard statistical evidence for essential oils building the immune system but I suspect that using essential oils so much does help with this. Another aspect that does have research to back it up is that regular hand washing can reduce the incidence of these infections and not just ones where the connection is more obvious such as winter vomiting virus. If I look through the properties of the sixty plus different essential oils I use, all bar two or three are listed as having anti-bacterial and or anti-viral properties.

As well as Tea Tree, Myrrh and Lemon, three of the oils best known for their anti-infectious properties, I would also recommend  some of the expectorant and decongestant oils. These include Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Benzoin and Pine. It is no coincidence that some of these oils are those commonly used in cleaning products, in fact the market for essential oils in cleaning products is probably an order of magnitude greater than that for Aromatherapy and massage!

There is one other essential oil that I would highly recommend for when you have a cold and it is one that you are unlikely to see in a bottle. That is Horseradish. Grating the fresh root into a bowl will be more effective than any of the essential oils you can get in a bottle!

Of course prevention is always better than cure so to book an aromatherapy massage which will give you a dose of essential oils and also reduce stress levels which again helps to lessen you chances of getting these infections, email or phone/text 07939273569. If you phone, do leave a message as often I am either busy or just don’t get the phone out of my pocket in time!