Warming Up

IMG_0720We all do too much in this world without really preparing for it. Think about Spring and what would happen if we didn’t have it between winter and summer. It is important to warm up for any activity be that physical or mental. Think of which essential oil will help you. I like Rosemary for warming up both mentally and physically.

There is lots of evidence around these days that warming up before exercise is a good way to reduce the risk of injuries. Specifically a cardiovascular warm up of all the different muscle groups. There is also evidence that stretching afterwards is useful.

Those involved in sports are likely to follow these suggestions at least some of the time, especially if classes are involved as often they mean a lead warm up with an instructor. How many of us though warm up before an hours digging in the garden? How many of us when cycling to work start of gradually and only cycle faster once we have warmed up? Certainly when I was regularly starting work at six in the morning I didn’t warm up before putting everything into it!

How many of us stretch afterwards? Even fewer if those I know are anything to go by. I learned about warming up and stretching through over twenty years of attending classes in circus skills. I am better at following the rules now than I was but still don’t often warm up before digging the allotment here in Trumpington Cambridge. I am also more likely to stretch before exercise than do a cardiovascular warm up though I will often do a bit of both.

Regular massage too can be part of injury prevention and not just a means of treating injuries after they occur. Professional sports men and women often have a massage to warm up muscles before an event. Massage afterwards can help reduce the effects of over use injuries. However I am talking about massage in between exercise sessions rather than related to them. This can do a lot to help keep us healthy as well as reducing stress and tension in the body.

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