The Balance – Between Past and Future

Another post that speaks so much truth I am reblogging it.

Asian Jasmine Yoga

In the modern world where the rhythm is moving so fast, where results are expected instantly, we often forget how to feel, blink, breath, and slow down. We give up our capacity to feel and let our body operate on autopilot, taking over most of the decision making we need, so we can just move on from one task into another, and then another. Like a newspaper machine that keeps producing without even realising the last time it had a break. We forgot how to give ourselves time to digest, for not just demanding days in and out, but also giving time to listen to our own noises and our own feelings.

Anglesey Abbey October 2015

There are loads of arguments in our own heads, about what we should do and what we shouldn’t, what we could have done but we didn’t. We judge ourselves whether we haven’t done enough, whether it is us…

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