Trumpington or Central Cambridge Aromatherapy Massage


I offer appointments  at my home in Trumpington or at the Salus Wellness Clinic near the Grafton Centre in Central Cambridge. At the clinic, there is the advantage of hydraulic tables that can be adjusted during a massage if needed, but it is important there to leave a few minutes extra to find a parking space if wanting/needing to park close to the clinic and it isn’t free during the day.

Home is for some a nicer environment with a wood stove providing the heating for the room. At either location I need to ensure the heating process starts in time for the room to be properly warm before a client arrives. At home, I need to light the stove a good hour before an appointment at this time of year. At the clinic it is up to half an hour depending on which room I am using – the smaller rooms warm up more quickly.IMG_0764 This one for instance taking only fifteen minutes or less.

At home I won’t see any new clients that I don’t know for a first appointment except when there is someone else in the house.

With regards tot he temperature of the room, I try to err on the side of hotter than I would find ideal as I have some clients with conditions such as Myalgic encephalitis and Fibroymalgia who really feel the cold, one needing extra towels even when I certainly find the room too hot.  If a client does find it too hot, it doesn’t take too long to cool down if I adjust things but in four years, I have only had one client whofinds it too hot.

To book an appointment in either location phone me on 07939273569 or email  If phoning do leave a message or text if I don’t reply.