Energy means different things to different people. As an aromatherapist when working with my clients  if often means vitality. Many of my clients in Trumpinton and Cambridge complain of lack of motivation to do things. Other complain of feeling lethargic and not having the energy to do things even if they had the motivation.

I like to think of energy in terms of potential energy and kinetic energy. A skier at the top of a slope has lots of potential energy and this is transformed into kinetic energy or energy of movement once they start the run or jump depending on their discipline.

Clearly these different conditions will not respond to treatment in the same way. A lack of motivation might be thought of as blocked energy, picture a dam in a stream. or a lock gate on a canal. Open the gate and the water pours through. Blocked Qi or energy is a common condition in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is one of the reasons I use meridian massage in my practice. I also use oils such as Jasmine, Rose, Palmarosa and of course, Bergamot and lemon. These are all oils that help free energy that is trapped in our bodies.

When it comes to a real lack of energy such as in M.E. or Myalgic Encephalitis, then it becomes vital that the therapist listens to the client. Often they have tried many things without success including massage and aromatherapy! Diet is of course important, If someone is not eating properly then they are never going to have good energy levels. I will also check that they symptoms do not suggest diabetes. Oils that can help low energy include lemon, Rosemary and Pine.

If you are feeling low in energy or wish to let your potential energy flow,

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