More about Balance

Most of us are able to keep our balance when walking at least, some can by training our propiorecepters walk a tightrope or balance on our hands. And there are various other feats of balance we can learn to perform.


Finding the balance on Jesus Green Cambridge



The one to the right is not particularly difficult and I have had many manage this on their first attempt, never having tried even the more basic moves leading up to it before.

We also have to keep a psychological balance. Work-life being just one aspect of this. Other aspects involve who our friends are, contact with family or not as the case may be, and how much time we take for ourselves as opposed to supporting others. As you can see in the picture, I am much happier supporting others than being supported!

There are also various balances within our bodies that need to be maintained.l Homoeostasis is the medical name for this. It includes blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and the level of various elements and compounds in our blood stream. If potassium level is outside of a fairly narrow range, it causes heart problems both when too high and when too low.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are yet more balances, yin-yang being the best known one but balances are also needed between damp and dry, and hot and cold. There are illnesses and conditions within the Western Medical system associated with all the different imbalances from damp cold to dry heat and excess yang or yang deficiency.

Massage and aromatherapy can help in restoring balance within the Chinese Medical system but it can also help in bringing about balance in blood pressure, heart rate and other conditions.

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