Fragrance the new second hand smoke?

I saw this on a facebook post by a fellow Aromatherapist the other day. I have experienced some of the problems described by the author from artificial scents from those I share a room with on a number of occasions and know others who suffer these effects to a far greater extent than I do. Symptoms from artificial fragrances include nasal irritation, headaches and more.

At my Aromatherapy and massage practice in Cambridge and Trumpington, I use only organic essential oils and carrier oils. In contrast, many of the offending products are purely artificial in nature and contain chemicals such as phalates which are endocrine disrupting.

I will quote just one paragraph from the article.

‘Up to 95% of these the synthetic chemicals used to make fragrance recipes are derived from petrochemicals.10 These particular ingredients are known (according to a 1991 EPA analysis) to cause cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders, asthma, and allergies.11 To make matters even worse for the unsuspecting public, many products labelled as “unscented” are actually the fragranced product with the addition of another masking fragrance.12

There are firms making perfumes which only use essential oils and alcohol. I would urge readers to look out for these or to attend a course by Materia Aromatica or Neal’s Yard both of whom do courses on making perfumes from essential oils.

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  1. I read the same article and, like you, have experienced similar problems with colleagues and friends. I was appalled by the reference to the use of masking chemicals in unscented products. What really set me thinking about it, though, was going into our garden the other day to be assaulted by a very strong artificial perfume. I quickly realised that it was coming from next-door’s washing, which was hanging on their line. I can only imagine the headache I would have woken up with if I’d had to sleep in bed linen washed in whatever product they had used. My laundry liquid (Sonett) is contains a little lavender essential oil and that’s quite enough fragrance for me.

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