Essential Oils and Climate change.

I saw this headline recently.

Climate change could put eucalypts at risk of death from air bubbles.

Reading the article, reminded me of just how precarious the balance of our ecological system is. In summary, the increasing chaotic nature of weather systems brought about by climate change means longer, hotter droughts but heavier rain when it does occur. This leads in the various eucalyptus species to air bubbles forming in the plant’s circulatory system which unlike in some other species more adapted to drought and heavy rain cycles the channels containing the air bubbles bursting and without a working circulatory system, the plant dies. The problem is that the changes are happening at too fast a pace for evolution to cope.

As any aromatherapist and many others too will know, the Eucalyptus species are one of the most important used in not just our industry but many over the counter remedies for coughts and colds as well.

Another good reason why all of us should do what we can to minimise our energy usage through insulation as well as switching to low carbon sources of energy.

I will be keeping my eyes open for other links between aromatherapy and climate change as I am sure that this is not the only example of an aromatic plant being affected. Some may well benefit or increase their range or possibly just move it into higher latitudes and altitudes.  Other examples welcome in comments.

I will also be observing aromatic plants on my allotment in Trumpington, Cambridge where I have part of my practice in order to see if I can detect any changes there. Rosemary, Rue, Southern Wood, Bay, Melissa and Lavender are some of those I will be paying attention to.