Cambridge Massage

Ten reasons to book an Aromatherapy Massage.

  1. You will be treated as an individual, not only your medical conditions if any but also your own preferences with regards to both oils and pressure etc. during the massage will be respected. If the oil I think ideal for a condition you have is one you don’t like, there will be others that can have the same therapeutic effect.
  2. I won’t just treat symptoms but will look at oils that can treat the cause of those symptoms, be they physical  or psychological. (Most times the two are tied up together anyway!
  3. I will do a thorough assessment with you to find oils and a massage treatment that is right for you and will help you in working towards the balance you want in your life, not the balance I think you should have!
  4. My normal session length is ninety minutes meaning that even on a first appointment the massage will be at least one hour long.
  5. I will stick to the same rules of confidentiality for our sessions that I used when working as a nurse. That means that the only time I would break confidentiality is if keeping it put someone at risk of significant harm. Even then I would inform my client that I had no choice but to break confidentiality. I would point out that this has yet to be necessary in my Aromatherapy and Massage Practice.

To book telephone 07939273569 or email