Burn Out

I have just been reading a piece about this written by Nicole Vosper and one of the key point is that she was someone who looked after herself well. Good diet, rarely took alcohol, no smoking exercise etc. If you work in a system that does not adequately value you and support you, it doesn’t matter how well you look after yourself, eventually burn out will occur though the severity of the symptoms will vary and what is adequate value and support will vary from person to person.

I lasted many years longer than some I have known in an environment where support was lacking through enjoying activities that many would describe as, “mad!” (flying trapeze and other circus skills.)

If you are suffering from burn out, think about trying massage and aromatherapy. Giving yourself some, “me time” could be just what you need. An oil that is particularly good for this is Cinnamon Leaf. It is ideally suited to those who have lost their passion for life. Cinnamon oil can help re-awaken creative impetus, emotional warmth and spiritual purpose. Another similar oil is clove which is particularly good for those feeling unsupported.

I offer appointments in Central Cambridge and in Trumpington where you can have an aromatherapy massage using the above or different oils if these are indicated by the consultation. Standard appointments are ninety minutes which till the end of April will cost just £50 instead of £55 meaning that even on the first appointment the massage itself lasts at least an hour. after the consultation.

So if you need to recharge your batteries, and get some, “me time” in order to return into the fray or indeed to get out of it contact me for an aromatherapy massage.

dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com or phone 07939273569 Text or leave a message if no answer.