Super London honey and reasons to buy local

While I am in Cambridge, the same arguments in favour of buying local apply. Sadly some Cambridgeshire honey is dominated by Oil Seed Rape. It would be good to see more diversity in forage plants grown in the area.

The Honey Hunter

Towns and cities are great places for bees, and city honey can be of sensational quality (which may surprise those that associate honey with the countryside and the soft hum of summer, though there is that too).

I have generally found London honey to be complex and interesting to taste. The city contains a diversity of flowers and blossoming trees (by way of parks and urban gardens) which offers bees a wonderful mixture of plants to forage from.

London honey can sometimes be hard to find in local shops, so if you see a jar on your travels, snap it up. Raw English honey (fresh from the hive) is increasingly popular in the UK, especially among hay fever and allergy sufferers who seek out raw honey rich in local pollen (anecdotalevidence suggests eating local honey can help alleviate symptoms).

The caramel and floral tasting London honey that I am…

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