Meeting Jeremy Hunt

I worked for about 30 years in the NHS and worry a great deal about where it is going under the present government and others to be honest.


As assignations go, this one could have been like a date with the devil. An hour in a room with Jeremy Hunt? For many of my 53,000 junior doctor colleagues, this might be their worst nightmare.

Actually, the reality was rather different.

Last night I met Jeremy Hunt in the heart of the parliament buildings. I was one of the two doctors who were invited from outside the Department of Health to talk. Why were we outside the DoH you ask? A group of junior doctors launched the peaceful indefinite protest 8 days ago now to highlight Jeremy’s unwillingness to return to negotiations over the junior doctor contract. An empty chair with his name sits beckoning for resolution.
So on my day off I turned up at 9 am to wait for a chance to talk.  The support from the public, MPs, civil servants and the BMA has been overwhelming.

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