Why is aromatherapy so powerful?

From a scientific point of view, the sense of smell is involved with the limbic system, one of the oldest parts of the brain in evolutionary terms. This suggests that it would have been a large part of how the species we evolved from survived long before senses like sight and hearing became important.

Now, take a moment to think about an aroma that means something to you. I know one person who can not smell pine woods without remembering her trips to Greece. For me a really fresh lemon brings back memories of Portugal and a holiday when I picked ripe lemons from the tree. Other scents may remind you of a person or people. In some cultures it is normal with friends to walk close enough to them to be able to smell their scent. Walking by my beehives in Trumpington, Cambridge, I can sometimes tell what my bees have been foraging on, particularly if it is Ivy late in the year.

Frankincense for many will remind them of growing up in Catholic or Orthodox Christianity, yet it was used in temples long before Christianity.

My point is that if a scent can bring back memories in such a powerful way, it should come as no surprise that essential oils can be used to affect and heal both our emotions and physical ailments but particularly when a physical complaint either has a large psychological component to it or a massive psychological impact on the sufferer.

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