Working with Nature

Two weeks ago today, I collected a swarm of bees or rather they moved into an empty hive  I had on Trumpington Allotments before I got the chance to collect them. In my mind they had been destined for another hive but hey ho! Yesterday I saw the hive belonging to two friends who are shortly going to be moving it from Cambridge to Norwich swarm. They collected on the side of the same hive the previous lot had moved into. By the time I got back they had gone without trace. Today I was told about another swarm. By the time I reached the spot – less than fifteen minutes after being told about hem they too had gone!

This compares with last year being told about/seeing eight swarms and collecting all of them. I see this as the way when working with nature. Predictability isn’t nature’s way, especially when working with bees that have not read the book.

In the same way, I don’t expect everyone to react in the same way when I work as an aromatherapist. Two clients who on the surface have the same problem may react to essential oils in very different ways and consequently need different oils and differences in the massage routine.

Just as each swarm is individual with differing numbers of bees, carrying different genes etc. so each individual I see will react differently to oils and treatments requiring me to accept an honour those differences.

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3 responses to “Working with Nature

  1. Hi Dave – Have you thought about aromatherapy for bees? I kid you not, thyme oil blocks sting alarm pheromone. I blogged about it here:
    I was also interested to read you’ve had so many swarms already. Did my first swarm control today but I think it’s going to kick off in earnest this weekend judging by the weather forecast.


    • I think you are right about it kicking off in earnest. My thinking is that my past record of swarms staying put long enough to collect but these two going very quickly isn’t statistically significant but it is still possible that something to do with the weather affects it?


      • Could be – they’ve been hemmed in for weeks because of the weather. I had a sealed swarm cells and the queen still present in a hive this morning, so they’ve been waiting for it to warm up before scarpering!

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