Out for the Count

Last night I was along with many others from the Green Party here in Cambridge at the count for the local elections. An experience that was disappointing because a lot of work had been done to try and get an excellent candidate in in Market Ward. More hours than had been put in the previous year when Oscar was elected for the Greens.

As an aromatherapist and as a bee keeper and as an individual who cares about the environment I think this is really important. The current government is more interested in big industrial farmers who support their way of doing business and the agrochemical companies who donate to the conservative party. The Liberal Democrats and Labour pay lip service to environmental matters, talking about green policies that the Green party has advocated for years for Cambridge as if they were a new thing.

Sadly many campaigning for the Labour party gave the message that a vote for the Greens would risk unseating Corbyn, the first genuinely left wing leader their party has had in over a generation. However this was a man whose first cabinet contained no women in senior positions. There are two possible explanations for this.

  1. Corbyn does not value women and the contribution they can make.
  2. There were no women with the skills and experience needed in the Labour Party.

If the first is true, why were women who are more likely than men to vote for left wing parties voting for him?

If the second, why are women of the calibre of Caroline Lucas not attracted to the Labour Party. There are several outstanding women in the Green party. Again, I struggle to understand why people should vote for a party that does not value half of the population.

One of the reasons I work as an Aromatherapist and Massage practitioner is that I care about the impact of health care on the environment. There are currently no regulations in the world about the toxic effects of drugs we consume on the environment! I also believe that massage and aromatherapy can be a way of looking after ourselves and preventing the need for more toxic treatments later on.