Order out of Chaos

Today I am making more hand cream from Beeswax, organic Olive Oil and organic Essential Oils. I might have been making more but one hive where the colony had lost their queen and died out which had a lot of wax I could have used was recolonised by a swarm moving in on their own a month ago.

Long term this may mean more wax but it does mean a little less in the short term. – Not a problem as I still have enough for my own needs.


There is something about standing in the apiary as a swarm leaves a hive. There is order as bees pour out of the hive in numbers not seen even during the busiest of times when they are just collecting pollen and nectar and of course doing their job of pollination.

Then follows a period of apparent  chaos from which coalesces order again as the swarm decides on a location to settle while looking for a new home. Of course it is not really chaos. A super-organism capable of producing the beauty that is present in honey comb with the mathematical precision of its angles being exactly the best possible for its function would not operate in a chaotic manner. The reality is that the thousands of bees  communicate via sound and pheromones to organise themselves.



Whenever I make more of this natural product, I like to stop and think of the beauty that the bees produce in their short lives and I hope that some of those who use the product do the same.

To buy some of this skin balm, and share in the beauty of the bees, email dave@cambridgearomatherapy.com or phone 07939273569