Gut Feelings

The abdominal area contains our core muscles. Core strength is important as any athlete will be able to attest. However abdominal or belly massage is not just about the core muscles. The abdomen contains many vital organs and massage of these has been demonstrated to have some health benefits though much more research is needed in this area.

Stimulation of the large intestines is often helpful in constipation but also helps with flatulence and indigestion in general, particularly if combined with using essential oils from any of the culinary herbs.

I have clients where all of the above are important reasons for massaging the abdomen but perhaps one of the most important reasons for doing it is it’s effect on the emotions. It is not for nothing we have phrases such as, “Gut Feelings” or, “It felt as if I had been punched in the stomach.” When a client is in the latter state, massage, particularly with oils such as chamomile and frankincense can be particularly helpful.

This is why in my practice in Central Cambridge and Trumpington, unless a client specifically wants me to include it, abdominal massage is always part of my massage routine.

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