Listening to our body’s wisdom.



If you watch a herd of cows in an herb rich meadow over a season you will see that at different times they eat different things responding to their changing needs. This might be when they are suckling calves, pregnant or just building up reserves for the winter.  The point is that their bodies know what they need and they respond to this.

In the same way, our bodies can give us messages about what we need. Physical contact in the form of a hug can be more effective than any words when we are upset. If we smell essential oils, we are drawn more to some than others. This can be important when choosing essential oils for a treatment. Because of the wide range of oils and their effects, any particular condition can respond well to a number of different oils. If I use the one that you are really drawn to, then it is likely to be that much more effective because it is the one your body is saying it needs.

So whether it is for a massage treatment or for use in your own home, listen to the wisdom of your body. You will find that it responds more quickly in this way. Whether this is due to biochemical processes or the psychological effect of having an aroma we enjoy is a subject that might perhaps be addressed by a PhD research project one day. My own view for what it is worth is that it is probably a bit of both! Whatever the reason, why not find out which essential oils you enjoy most in an aromatherapy massage?

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