Anxiety and Depression in the news. – Massage and Aromatherapy more relevant than ever!


Yesterday Anxiety featured on the Radio4 Today programme on the BBC. Today there was an item on depression. Both of these features pointed out the frequency of the problems, the first saying how much more common it was than had been thought and also gave information about the demographics with women and those under 35 being disproportionately affected.

Today’s piece pointed out that one in eleven of us (in UK) are taking antidepressants but that these will only work in half of those taking them! One thing that did strike me was that the person heading the research team that was looking at a blood test that could in most cases predict whether they would work or not pointed out that depression was not, “all in the mind” and that it affected the whole body, some would have raised levels of inflammation in the body and for this group, one particular class of antidepressants would not work.

Of course, it is not just depression that is experienced in the body as well as the mind. The whole language around anxiety tells us this – butterflies in stomach, sweaty palms, pulse racing etc.

It is because the body is so involved that massage and aromatherapy can be so helpful. I have seen this time and again in my Cambridge practice. Incidentally it is Cambridge where one of these two pieces of research came from.

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