Does your body crave physical contact?

As a baby touch is important. In fact it is more than important, if a baby does not receive touch as part of it’s regular nurturing, the little person is likely eventually to be an adult with severe mental health problems. This need continues from infancy into childhood and if say due to medical problems a baby has not received the physical nurturing it required, some of the developmental deficit they missed out on can be repaired.

This need for touch continues through adolescence into adult life though it is managed very differently in various cultures indeed it is managed differently even among different cultures here in the UK. Some groups hugging is the norm as a greeting, others even shaking hands is seen as risky.

There is also the problem of when cultures clash. For me if another person does not wish a hug then they have the right not to have one. That is absolute. However to me the fear of being accused of being abusive has caused a major problem in our society and sometimes children and adolescents behave in a way that forces adults to touch them because that is the only way they can make it happen. I have seen this happen in the context of  mental health in-patient units both here in Cambridge and elsewhere but have little doubt that it happens in other areas of society. That to me is just as wrong as touching someone who doesn’t want it.

Where does massage and aromatherapy fit into this? I see it as a chance for those who need therapeutic touch to get it in a nurturing way. Nurturing in the way the massage is done and in the oils chosen. Needless to say, many have other therapeutic reasons for wanting massage. I do not decry these or their validity but would suggest that at least for some of them they are indulging in their need to be touched.

If you need the therapeutic touch of massage to satisfy the human  need for touch or for any other reason, do get in contact. or phone 07939273569