An aromathereapy Massage for Loss and Grief.

At my practice in Central Cambridge and Trumpington, a significant proportion of my clients have issues of loss and grief. Given that as we go through life there are not many of us who will not experience bereavement or break up of a relationship not to mention other losses that is probably no surprise.

Oils I often find myself reaching for in this situation  are Rose, Lemon and Frankincense.  There are a number of other  oils that come from herbs that have been used as funeral herbs by different cultures over the years that I might also use.

Rose is one of the top oils for emotional healing. Frankincense helps to still the mind from repetitive thoughts and lemon promotes clarity of thought. I will often do a massage that is not as deep tissue in style as I would at other times, concentrating on being more nurturing. (How many people in these situations just want a hug from a close one?)

The one part of the massage where I do go fairly deep though still less deep than my usual is the abdomen. A lot of clients have found this particularly nurturing and helps them to let go of tensions they are holding there. Our language reflects this with phrases such as, “I couldn’t stomach it” and, “gut feelings.”

So If you have suffered a recent loss or you have an older loss that you still struggle with remember there is no such thing as a right or wrong way to manage the grief process. Do consider whether an aromatherapy massage might help and if you think it could,

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