Aromatherapy for Sleep Problems


When I see clients for problems with sleep Roman Chamomile and Lavender are oils that can be useful. However even more useful is addressing the issues that are behind the sleep problems. Only occasionally is sleep a primary cause for a client seeing me, even if that is what they talk about first a little questioning usually lets us explore what is behind the sleep problem.

So treating the stress, depression, grief or pain issues for example will help with the sleep far more than treating it alone in fact only treating the sleep issue rarely works if there is something more urgent behind it.

A recent example of this was a client I saw recently in Trumpington, Cambridge who had recently had a 14 year relationship end. I used Lemon for clarity of thought, Frankincense and Rose. Frankincense also helps aid a meditative state of mind and has been used as a funeral herb. Rose is legendary as an oil that is helpful in working with grief.

The massage was also less intense than I do for muscular problems, instead being more nurturing. A slow abdominal massage was particularly enjoyed by the client, helping them let go of emotions she was holding there.

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