Another Swarm




I make no apology for yet another post about

bees. They are a vital part of my practice which includes making custom skin balms using the wax they produce. They are also as I have said before a vital part of the life cycle of many of the plants used in aromatherapy.

Swarming is part of the natural life cycle of the colony, where it splits in order to reproduce. This particular swarm was on my allotment plot in Trumpington, Cambridge. A little unexpected as it was shortly before some very heavy rain. Clearly this particular colony does not have a weather app!

The two standard formulae I use for the skin balm are Frankincense and Geranium along with organic olive oil while the other is Lavender and Petitgrain. If working with grief issues I am likely to add Rose to the first one.

With some clients I will make up a skin balm to the same formula as that used for a massage. Alternatively sometimes if there is oil left over at the end of the treatment I will give that to them.

To book a massage, a consultation for a custom skin balm or to buy one of the standard formulae, call 07939273569 or email