The term, “healing” means many different things to different people.  In my mind, both in my work now as an aromatherapist working in Trumpington and Central Cambridge and in the past working in the fields of psychotherapy as a mental health nurse I am very clear.

I do not heal people” What I do is to optimise the conditions to the best of my ability in order to enable them to heal themselves.  In some cases the most important thing may be releasing neck and shoulder tension allowing headache issues to resolve.


In other cases it might be important to use Bergamot essential oil to enable Qi or energy which has been blocked to flow freely enabling the client to heal their depression. With grief, it might be Rose and Frankincense that are important. (It certainly has been with a few clients I have seen recently.)

Whatever the reasons for a client coming to see me however, I do not heal them, but help create the conditions that allow them to heal themselves.

Do visit my Facebook Page  to see more about how I work and offers from time to time. Also I will be attending a training course from the 15th  to the end of this of this month so if you need a treatment urgently do get in contact. For the dates I am available, there is a £5  discount for the whole of July and August for new clients.

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