Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – New Research.

New research reported in the Huffington Post  suggests that far from being all in the mind, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may well be caused by the wrong sort of bacteria in the gut.  I haven’t looked for the original research paper yet so can’t really comment on my  main reservation about the article which  is are that the different bacteria may be a result of the disease process rather than a cause. However given other research on the gut micro-biome it does not seem unreasonable that even if there is a different initial cause, the abnormalities in the gut bacteria play a large part in maintaining the problem.

Does this mean a change for how I treat a client with this condition? Possibly not as I will still be treating the individual client as opposed to the condition. This means I will still use oils to mobilise blocked energy that occurs in depression. The energising oils I tend to use are ones from culinary herbs so helpful to gut motility.
Because it is not included in my training, it is outside of my scope  of practice to recommend probiotics or the taking of natural yoghurt several times a day. What I will do however is give them a copy of this research so that they can make their own judgement.

Experience tells me that this research is not going to provide a miracle cure for CFS but may well provide part of the answer, helping most to some extent and making a dramatic difference in a few cases.

I look forward to seeing the full research paper and to further work on treatment based on it.

I hope to report back at some point on whether this does affect my Trumpington and Cambridge practice.