Staying in good health

Last week I picked up another swarm of bees. They were on an allotment though not the Trumpington site where I have one but this time a different Cambridge site. Seeing this healthy crop of climbing beans which by now will probably have started to climb up the pole the bees were clustered around reminded me of just how many different strands there are to gaining and keeping good health. This mirrors the numerous different roles the worker bees play in keeping a colony healthy

One we unfortunately don’t have any control over is our genes. Next I would suggest are a good diet and regular exercise. I have my own views on what a healthy diet is but because each one of us has a different body and different needs we are not going to have exactly the same needs.

Perhaps in an ideal world, massage wouldn’t be needed as one of the strands to stay healthy. As it is, stress, injuries and other health problems mean that for most of us, massage and aromatherapy can make a real difference, reducing stress, helping us heal from injuries and improving sleep patterns etc.

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