Permaculture Design Course

Just completed an amazing two weeks in Cornwall and am reminded of the links between Permaculture and Aromatherapy.

Permaculture is based on three ethics.

Earth Care;     People Care     and Fair Shares.

Most therapists take care of Earth care by only using organic oils or possibly wild crafted sustainable oils. Others including myself also compost all their couch roll, in some cases I use it for cleaning our chickens out first!

People care goes without saying, but it is important to also look after ourselves and to consider wider aspects of this ethic in our practice, accepting our clients where they are in the physical, psychological and spiritual realms.

I will also mention two of the Permaculture principles.

Each function should be supported by many elements. – There are always several oils that can be used for any particular condition, often working in subtly different ways.

Each element should support several functions. – Any particular oil has a wide sphere of action, with possible effects on respiratory function, psychological state and spiritual state.

Many more of the Permaculture principles apply and I will add to this later with some photos from the course.