First Massage Appointment

Many people coming for their first ever treatment are nervous. This was true of a client  who had been given the session by her mother as a birthday present though I only discovered this during the consultation. There was a point during the massage, part way through my working on her back when I felt her relax as if she thought, “I am going to be safe and it is ok to enjoy myself.”

Some of this nervousness was I am sure due to the fact that I am a male therapist. Our society (British) does not encourage women to be nearly naked alone with a strange man. (I am not advocating that it should as a general rule. Nor do I consider myself strange!) However, a better knowledge as to what to expect would I think help many coming to their first session.

First,is a consultation. This looks first at what you as a client wants to get out of the treatment. After this, I take a medical and psychological psychosocial history. Following this, together with the client I choose oils that I believe will best achieve the client’s aims. Choosing one oil over another which has similar effects will often be down to client preference. – An oil you can’t stand for whatever reason is not going to help you relax!

Getting undressed? Normally down to knickers/underpants but some clients take these off as well. While I have a routine for a, “whole body massage” if there is any part a client doesn’t want me to work on that is their choice. Parts of the body not being worked on will be covered by towels.

Remember as a client with myself or any other therapist you have the right to say what you are comfortable with and what you are not. This goes for what the therapist sees of you, which parts are massaged and how much or little pressure is used.

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