Aromatherapy Massage for Depression in Cambridge


01In my massage and aromatherapy practice in Cambridge I see a lot of clients with depression, one day  out of five clients three were taking antidepressants prescribed either by a psychiatrist or a GP. Also three quarters of people with depression in The United Kingdom go undiagnosed or untreated — and even if the disorder is diagnosed, today’s medications will work well for only about half of those who seek help.

Depression affects about one in five older people, (two in five in care homes) Over a life time about one in four of us will suffer from depression at some point in our lives.

To see how depression has been ignored by researchers compared to cancer see this article in Nature Magazine.

Massage and Aromatherapy can be very helpful in depression for a number of reasons.

  1. Many when depressed do not feel they are worth spending time on. This leads them to deny themselves pleasurable experiences which then reinforces a belief that life is not good setting up a vicious circle. An aromatherapy massage can be part of breaking this pattern.
  2.   Depression is often characterised by a disturbed sleep pattern, either difficulty getting off to sleep or early morning wakening. aromatherapy can help deal with this sleep disturbance.
  3. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, depression is always associated with blocked Qi or energy. Most essential oils help to release blocked Qi in one part of the body or another. Massage is also powerful in doing this.
  4. Constipation and reduced bowel motility are symptoms of depression. Massage can help with this as can most of the oils derived from culinary herbs.

Essential oils used in treating depression include Bergamot and other citrus oils plus Melissa all helping to move stagnant or blocked Qi or energy. They are invigorating and uplifting in their aroma. Ginger, Pine and Rosemary among others can be used to increase energy levels while Rose and Jasmine can be used to help heal the effects of grief or abuse.

I can see clients both at the Salus Wellness Centre in Norfolk street or my home in Trumpington.

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