5 Tips to Soothe You Off to Sleep…zzzz…

All really good stuff. If you are one of those who doesn’t like lavender, it may be worth trying Chamomile, German or Roman instead.


Whether you’re still buzzing from a busy day, or twitching from too much TV… Here are some go to tips to help soothe you off to sleep…

imageBalasana (Child’s Pose)

1 )   B a l a s a n a   ( C h i l d ‘ s   P o s e )

This one works for me almost every time.  The gentle pressure on the forehead encourages the back of the neck to lengthen, and it’s possible that’s where there’s a lot of held tension, especially if you’ve been sitting at a computer for much of the day.

Physically the body ‘closes down’, curled up in a comfy, supported ball gives the brain a signal of ‘safety’, that’s a good condition to encourage sleep too!

Top Tips: 

  • Ensure the balls of the big toes are touching
  • Place a pillow between the hips and the heels if they don’t comfortably…

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