Abdominal or Belly Massage

I first wrote this after two clients commented how much they enjoyed abdominal massage and that previous therapists they had been to had not done this.

abdominal-massage-14172846I was a little surprised as it was quite a Major part of the training on the course I did but then it is very easy to assume that what we are used to is normal!

More recently a client who had recently had a long term relationship end found this especially helpful when combined with Rose Oil to deal with the loss. Indeed, many clients in my Cambridge and Trumpington Practice have told me how much this part of the massage has helped them emotionally, even when the part of their lives that has been helped was not mentioned during the consultation.

The abdomen is one of the areas where many people hold emotions and tension and you only need to look at the language we use to know this. “butterflies in the stomach”, “Feeling sick”, “gut feelings” and many other phrases referring to this part of the body.

Massage of this area can help not just with psychological issues but also with digestive problems, especially constipation. All the oils from culinary herbs are useful in this respect.

So why not book a massage   and find out what you have been missing if this is not a part of what you are used to in a session?