Massage and Aromatherapy for Depression

An all too often hidden problem, yet one in four of us will be diagnosed with it at some point in our lives! At it’s most extreme, help from specialist services is required. However, many can be helped before things reach that stage.04

Depression in characterised by a number of symptoms, including lethargy, loss of motivation, decreased libido, constipation and sleep disturbance. Aromatherapy oils and massage can be used to help all of these symptoms, indeed some of the oils I use with depression will treat more than one of these symptoms. Remember if you suffer from depression it does not stop you being worth it. You still deserve treats such as massage and aromatherapy! Indeed, the help they can give puts them above the level of simply being treats!

Bergamot  with it’s clean uplifting smell helps to address lethargy, constipation and other symptoms of depression.

An aromatherapy massage treatment would be aimed at restoring the balance in the body. If there is Yang deficiency which is often the case, Marjoram or another warming oil might be used. For blocked Qi or energy, Bergamot or another of the citrus oils would be chosen. Other oils may be added to the blend in order to address other disharmonies in the system.

In my Cambridge and Trumpington practice, I bring as well as my aromatherapy and massage skills, over twenty five years of mental health nursing experience and can guarantee that whatever you tell me will be taken seriously. I do use humour therapeutically but that does not detract from my seeing your problems as important.