Daily Prompt: Moon

via Daily Prompt: Moon

As many pagans I know celebrate the full moon I am led to reflect on whether or not I should pay attention to it as part of my massage and aromatherapy practice.


The moon has a massive effect on our planet. We just have to witness the tides to be aware of that. It also has an effect on ground water which some see as the explanation for the idea of planting different types of crops at different moon phases. What else? Women during much of their lives have a cycle that averages to 28 days, the same as the moon. Coincidence or not? I will leave you to judge. I do know however that some women are sure that their cycle can be pulled a couple of days either way when it coincides with certain moon phases.

For the record, I don’t plant or harvest herbs according to the phases of the moon, not because I think it has no effect but rather because I believe the weather conditions that day or week make more difference!

As to when in their cycle is best for women to have a massage, I believe that any time is good but that I as a therapist have to be sensitive to the different needs of my clients at different times.