Massage and Aromatherapy for children

From time to time I get asked if I will see children for massage and aromatherapy. My answer is, “yes but I need a parent in the room with me, ideally if the client is female a female parent.


Having another appropriate adult in the room is also an option I would consider.

For me it is important that young people learn about appropriate touch and that means firstly no touch that the young person is not completely OK about and secondly, the adult holding the boundaries even if the young person asks for something that is not appropriate. With an item on the news today about a massive increase in depression among adolescent girls (I understand there is also an increase in depression with boys) Aromatherapy can play an important part in both physical and mental health.

I will also do consultations where I make up a skin balm made from beeswax from my own bees, olive oil and essential oils.

With adolescents if they are uncomfortable with the parent being in the same room, I will consider them being in and adjacent room but would not go ahead with a massage if I felt uncomfortable. With Young children/infants I will use a reduced concentration of essential oils or with babies, none. To date all sessions have been with a parent present both at my home in Trumpington and at the clinic in Central Cambridge where I also see clients.