Time to make some more Skin Balm

Two days ago I collected some rent from my bees. (Extracted a few pounds of honey.) This means I also have more wax with which to make skin balm. The bees are kept on my allotment in Trumpington, Cambridge.


Honey going through a course filter.

The next batch will be a little different in that the jars will be brown instead of blue due to my supplier being out of the ones I normally use. The important thing is that it is kept in dark jars as exposure to light shortens the shelf life.

The balm is made from beeswax, olive oil and essential oils. it is £7 plus postage for a 60ml jar. When the blue jars are in stock I can also do 50ml jars for £6. There will be traces of honey and propolis which have their own health giving properties in the skin balm too. The standard mix is with Geranium and Frankincense essential oils.IMG_0013While at home we use it mainly for our hands especially after working at the allotment, it can be used on the face, lips or any part of the skin. One client uses has found it is the only thing that really deals with athlete’s foot.  It is also good for massaging small areas. One customer uses it for her reflexology practice.

This is not a great surprise as both the essential oils have antifungal properties as does the beeswax itself.