Natural Products

The skin balms I make are a natural product and so vary a little from year to year.


Essential oils themselves vary as does olive oil, even if I use the same make for each batch.

Just as olive oil varies in it’s flavour so does honey. This morning I extracted some from a hive just 3 metres from the last hive I extracted some from on Foster Road Allotments, Trumpington, Cambridge. It had a much stronger and fuller flavour. Beeswax also varies according to what the bees have been foraging on when making it. It can be almost pure white varying to a dark orange colour.

The result of this is that the final product also varies, in colour and in hardness slightly. Sadly no one has yet done any research that I know of on the therapeutic properties of the wax depending on the bees foraging practices.

I currently have a few of the last batch left made with essential oils of Lavender and Petitgrain, (from the leaves of citrus trees.) I will also be making some more of my original standard mix using Geranium and Frankincense essential oils.

Both are £7 for a 60ml jar. (My supplier is currently out of the 50ml ones.)

email or phone 07939273569 if you would like some.