Time For Yourself

Time during an Aromatherapy Massage is a strange thing. Well over half of my clients sleep through a significant proportion of the treatment and so are often a bit disoriented about the time when it is finished.

For me, I have  a few slightly differing routines that all last about an hour and a quarter, allowing for consultation time and getting changed brings the time up to my standard 90minute session. One regular client, occasionally has business meetings following our sessions and when this happens she doesn’t have any work done on her head in order to keep her hair as it should be. On the last occasion this happened she had also told me about an issue with one knee so I spent extra time working on that area.

I find that I can get the time right to within a couple of minutes without having to look at the clock except when the client is either very small or very large! I would suggest that a very large client by which I mean someone over 150Kg should ideally go for a two hour or longer session but for the very small client, I would probably stick to the standard time as to get the full benefit of the relaxation part of a treatment, needs the time.