Honey Harvest

Two days ago, I took what is probably the last honey from my bees this year. (There are two top bar hives that may produce a little more.)

In the video honey after a course filter to get rid of larger particles of wax etc is filling a jar a lot more quickly than happens in reality!

Of course this also provides the wax to make hand cream. Beeswax as well as its other healing properties for the skin, is also a very good anti-fungal agent. As I have been thinking about starting some mushroom production drilling holes into logs and inoculating them with mushroom spawn I had thought I would be able to use beeswax but it is strongly enough anti-fungal to stop this working so I will have to use candle wax instead!

Along with the wax, there will also be small amounts of honey and propolis which also have their own healing properties to add to those of the wax and essential oils in the skin balm I make. All the bee products come from my own hives in Trumpington, Cambridge. Sadly the same can not be said of the essential oils and carrier oils I use in my massage and aromatherapy practice.