Changing with the weather.

Despite research on this giving inconsistent answers. there are many people who find their physical state is affected by the weather. This is particularly true of those with arthritic conditions


One client I see in Trumpington always gets an increase in pain when it is hot and humid. Some recent research shows others get an increase in pain when there is rain.

Many other conditions are affected by the weather such as hay fever which increases in the summer months whereas coughs and colds along with asthma are worse during cold and damp weather.

For me as a practitioner this  means slight changes in which oils I use most at different times of the year. During summer there is an increase in the use of cooling oils such as lemon, eucalyptus citriadora and lavender. In winter, tea tree, Ginger and Rosemary are used slightly more. However, while I can’t speak for others in the field, the difference isn’t enough to change the stock levels I keep of each oil. Rather I respond to the varying issues that clients come to me with at different times of the year. Another example is the increase in depression during the late winter months meaning I use more Bergamot both here in Trumpington and in my Central Cambridge practice.