Like many others, I often find myself drawn to water, be that a river, lake, the sea or even

img_0024just a pond. I see this as being linked with the necessity of water for life. In particular the boundary between water and dry land is usually teaming with a large variety of life forms. This lake in Trumpington, though artificial, is now home to many different bird species as well as having water mint and other herbs growing close to its edge.

In my Cambridge aromatherapy practice, water is important too. I always get a glass of water for clients at the end of a massage as it is easy to get dehydrated in a warm room and probably drink at least two glasses myself for each client I see.

Another aspect of water is it’s diagnostic value. Conventional medicine has long seen excessive thirst as a possible sign of diabetes and Traditional Chinese Medicine sees thirst or lack of it as diagnostic in terms of hot and cold conditions and also looks at things like colour and quantity of urine. (Also useful for conventional medical diagnosis.)

What part does water play in your health and could thinking about this improve your vitality? Why not book an aromatherapy massage and consultation to find out?

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