Earth, as well as being one of the four or five elements depending on which system you follow is also where all of the plants producing essential oils grow. It follows that caring for the earth is essential for aromatherapy. This is why most practitioners like myself insist on only using oils that are organic or wild harvested using sustainable methods.

Sadly, much of the world’s soil is being eroded at an alarming rate. The burning of forest to allow sweetcorn or soya production on an industrial scale results in feet of top soil being lost in just a few years. If we are to continue to enjoy our essential oils and indeed to feed the world’s population, then it is important to not only halt the loss of top soil but to take active measures to build it.

To do this, we need to plant more trees in the UK and replant/allow natural regeneration in many other parts of the world as trees over time capture carbon from the air and turn it into top soil with the help of an army of fungi and other soil life. Other ways of building topsoil include regenerative agriculture techniques such as mob grazing. Using our own waste with composting toilets is also potentially a way of not losing lots of nutrients and organic matter that goes to build soil.

All this is part of why I feel that permaculture and what I can learn from it is really important to our world and not just to me as a massage and aromatherapy practitioner. So if you want a massage that aims to be holistic, not just for you as a person but also for the planet, do get in touch, especially if you live in or near Cambridge or Trumpington in the UK.

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