The enquiry form and consultation.

Sometimes a new client fills in the on line enquiry form I have. (Maybe one in ten new clients use it.) Sometimes they phone up in a minor panic having missed off a major piece of information. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

This has never been a big deal, though it is always possible that something missed out could be one of the very few things that contra-indicate massage. (I have yet to have an enquiry from someone who could not receive massage.)

The enquiry form is a starting point for the consultation, it enables the conversation about the client’s needs, which oils might suit them and the details about the massage to move on a little more quickly than if I have no information at all. It is not intended to be comprehensive. Indeed, when I see clients over many sessions, I will learn more and refine the treatment and choice of oils as time goes on.

Both at my practice in Central Cambridge and at home in Trumpington, I have often learned new things about my clients which result in my adding or changing an oil I use. This is probably more true of my practice where a large part of the choice of oils is to do with psychological and spiritual needs of the client than it would be of a sports massage therapist who is concentrating on a specific injury.

So, if you are interested in a massage and aromatherapy treatment where we choose the oils and indeed the massage together based on your holistic needs you might want to look at the form.