Time for yourself?

Many clients I see, really struggle to make time for themselves. Three clients over the past month have been first time massage clients and all three for different reasons find it really difficult to justify to themselves taking some time that is just for them.


When this happens, I am often touched that I have been the one they have chosen to give that time to and feel the responsibility of making sure that the time for them is productive and fulfils their aims from the treatment. I know that my client has had to do something outside of what is normal for them and one of my aims is to make sure that this is not a one off. I don’t mean to ensure that they become a regular client though obviously that would be nice for me but rather that they are able to add other ways to take time for themselves as well, find ways to avoid or deal differently with the stresses that make it difficult for them to take time for themselves.

With this in mind oils that I often use are Frankincense, one of the best oils for helping anyone to relax and be grounded and still the constant rush of thoughts.

Marjoram is another as it helps build confidence, often confidence that the world will not collapse if time is taken out!

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