Linden Blossom

Linden Blossom or lime flower despite the name has nothing to do with Citrus trees. This year my bees were good enough to offer me a monofloral honey from this species. While with the non-intensive way I keep bees in Trumpington, Cambridge , it is never going to make me a fortune it is a honey that can be sold at a premium.

This along with the knowledge that the flowers have many therapeutic benefits when used in a tea led me to investigate whether it is possible to buy the essential oil and to research it’s properties.


It is used in treating headaches and migraine, and also it’s relaxing effect on the body and mind can help with insomnia. It is a liver tonic and has been used in treating hypertension.

Historically, the tree has been associated with Justice with courts and meetings being held under it in Germany. It has also been associated with lovers. (Though this is I suspect true of most large deciduous trees!)

I have been told by one of my suppliers that the oil is difficult to source and that they don’t stock it. Indeed none of my regular suppliers have it on their list so I will buy some infused oil, (a carrier oil that has had the flowers steeped in it for several weeks or a shorter time at an increased temperature and then strained.) Next year I might try making my own infused oils with the flowers.

I expect to have the herbal oil available for use within the next two weeks. In the meantime on a personal level I shall enjoy the therapeutic properties of the honey my bees have produced. 07939273569