The Anatomy of Rest

Just been listening to this on BBC Radio4 and was struck by some of the figures from the survey they did on rest. 70% of people who responded felt they didn’t get enough rest. Also there were massive differences in what people did to rest. I can relate to that given that I used to do circus skills


as my main way to rest and still do some today. Reading came top of the list, followed by being in nature, Being on your own and music were next, both more popular in the younger age group. #5Doing nothing in particular, #6Walking, #7 Having a bath or showering, #8 Daydreaming #9 Watching TV and #10Meditating or practising mindfulness.

I haven’t yet looked at the results closely enough to see if they say where having a massage fits into the list but I know that for my clients both in Trumpington and in Central Cambridge it rates highly and some of my clients would if money was no object come every single day!

Massage especially when combined with Aromatherapy can be so much more than just resting for an hour or whatever the duration of the massage is. It can qualitatively enhance the quality of both rest and sleep outside of the session.

Do you get enough rest? When you do is it effective?

If the answer to either of these questions is no and you live in or near Cambridge,  then perhaps you should email or phone 07939273569