Today I will be melting down more wax along with olive oil to make some more skin balm. Beeswax has many healing properties as well as being an antifungal agent in itself. Combined with essential oils, this I am sure is why one client finds it the only effective agent against athletes’ foot.IMG_0016

My standard mix is with Frankincense and Geranium. These oils together are good for relaxation and for aiding mindfulness. Also good for depression.

They also have an anti-inflammatory action making them good for arthritic conditions.

If asked I can also make this with Tea Tree oil which is good for helping the immune system as well as having a direct anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect. The bees are kept on my allotment in Trumpington Cambridge so about as local as it is possible to get! Essential oils used in this way provide an alternative for those who are not comfortable with massage for any reason.